What is Pano and how to add a Pano image in your XR Experience

A Pano, also known as the Panoramic view is a picture or video with horizontally elongated fields of view.

To add a Pano image in your 360 space,

  • Click on the Plus icon at the top right corner.
  • Go to Primitives > Pano image
  • Give your new Pano image element a name and Save.
  • To select the image, On the right panel > Properties > Upload icon
    You will find GMetri’s integrated Flickr library which has a very large repository of Creative Commons licensed panoramic images
  • Click on the desired image and click Select on top right corner.
  • The pano image gets added as a 360 environment

You can add another pano image and edit the far and near setting under the Properties section. The near pano image will be layered on top of the far pano image.

Check how to add the GIF element in the video: