This is a huge bug. (you can access the experience even if you are removed from the Collaborator

So, the thing is yesterday I closed my browser with the experience opened in it, and today when I reopened the browser, It showed the page where I left last time, i.e. the experience page. I have already been removed from the collaborator list yesterday I am still in the experience and can edit it.

I have tried to open the link in the Private Tab and it asked for login credentials, and when I inserted my official login credentials(the one in which I was one of the collaborator of the same experience and got removed from the Collaborator list yesterday) and boom…I got in the experience of which I am no Owner nor Collaborator.
I have also tried to to acces the link with different login credentials but could not get in. Atleast that’s good.

Hi Dheeraj,

Could you check if you are an admin of the organization?

You can check this by checking the “Team Members” section on the Setting page. (Top Right menu > Settings).

An admin always has access to all projects in an organization (workspace).

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Nopes, I am no admin.

This is now fixed. :+1: :v:
We can no longer access the Experience in which we are not a Current Collaborator.

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