Teaxr Version 0.4.659

:calendar: Date Released

Nov 30th, 2020 (These notes include changes for a few interim releases also between 21-Oct-2020 and 30-Nov-2020)

:rocket: Major Features

  • New embed logic - simplified the embed script that’s presented in the Deploy section
  • Under deployments, added a new authentication type: SAML
  • Bigbasket Diwali Store - launched a new store with yaw tracking
  • Multiple languages are now supported in the “Text to Speech” element
  • Location tracking is now optional, can be controlled from deployment settings

:airplane: Minor Improvements

  • Fixed Emoji search - the search in the Emoji element used to hang sometimes
  • Signup flow improved for a new user
  • Community link added to the footer everywhere
  • Under deployments, for authentication type “Token”, the secret key used to be regenerated too frequently. Made this more explicit
  • Increased the required password complexity in the portal
  • The redirection to the login page from the password change on forgot password is now smoother
  • The refresh interval of the leadboard page has now been changed (back) to 15 seconds
  • In the setting page, the Active Deployments sections now shows options to list deployments for last 30 and 90 days
  • Removed an unneeded popup warning when using the embed code in iOS

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Made read-only variables not writable using rules. Now they don’t show up in rules
  • Name assigned using “Is Viewer Name” is now shown in the Rules Log table
  • Fixed SEO performance
  • Improved website performance
  • Fixed a bug while inviting users
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