Teaxr Version 0.4.321

:calendar: Date Released

October 9th, 2020

:rocket: Major Features

  • :male_detective: Security feature: Notification email is now sent to users when their password is changed
  • A new Not in list rule is available for number and string variable inside the rules section of the editor.

:airplane: Minor Improvements

  • URL parameters are now removed from the signup page. With this release, the signup URL will look cleaner.
  • Newly added scenes will automatically be shown in the left menu if the auto add scenes to menu option is checked in project settings.
  • Renamed: Custom login form -> Custom List and Azure -> Microsoft(Azure) (On viewer groups page)

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Browser variable now shows all supported browsers properly
  • Viewer state forwarding will not accept or make requests to invalid URLs anymore

Apart from these, there’s continuous work going on for making GMetri more compliant to a few enterprise security guidelines and making the overall customer experience faster.