Teaxr Version 0.4.240

:calendar: Date Released

September 30th, 2020

:rocket: Major Features

  • A brand new SignUp experience:
    • Ability for organization emails to let co-workers auto-join thier organization.
    • OTP for email verification
    • UX is more responsive for conveying information and errors
    • Protection against disposable email accounts
  • Insider version updates to Rules and Add Element section. New search feature added to Rules section
  • A new variable named browser_var is available for all experieces. This variable contains the name of the browser the experience is running on. Here’s the docs link

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with random scenes reordering when editor is opened in collaboration mode with more than 1 users editing
  • Fixed failing saves on viewer state in few experiences that use Viewer form to input data from viewers

:nut_and_bolt: Internal Improvements

  • A little bit of tables cleanup
  • Improvements over how asset files are encrypted at rest