Teaxr Version 0.4.206

:calendar: Date Released

September 18th, 2020

:rocket: Major Features

  • Rules section can be accessed in insider version of the editor (The insider version can be accessed by adding ?insider=true at the end of the editor URL.
  • A new is in list event is available for number and string variables on editor
  • A lot of improvements over how emails are sent

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Fixed collaborate button link in emails, when user is invited to collaborate on a project
  • Fixed asset links in https://gmetri.com/docs
  • Fixed dropdown search on Rules section in insider version
  • Fixed font and styling issues on Capture Text element
  • Fixed missing headers in Viewer Group CSV
  • Fixed boolean variable not reataining false value
  • Fixed broken information text for SCORM embed element

:nut_and_bolt: Internal Improvements

  • Add CDN + proxies for supporting older buckets and CDNs. This should make a few older projects work faster
  • Tighten AWS access internally
  • A few fixes for our blog https://gmetri.com/justaboutreal