Teaxr Version 0.4.1013

:calendar: Date Released

Jan 31st, 2021 (These notes include changes for a few interim releases also between Dec-2020 and Jan-2021)

:rocket: Major Features

  • :partying_face: All improvements in the insider version have now been made default
  • :tada: New File Manager released
  • GMetri Panos and Drew Panos plugins added to the File Manager
  • Improvements in file search in File Manager - much smoother now
  • A new Duplicate To workspace feature has been added. This can be accessed from the project menu on the project listing page.

:airplane: Minor Improvements

  • Rules UI has better UI feedback, increased text sizes, and content visibility area
  • Changed element category for Voice recognition and Wayfinder element
  • Warning message is shown before deleting files from the file manager
  • Menu icon is now clickable in the editor.
  • Tooltips added to left bar menu items.
  • Updates to Advanced section on the settings page, the section is much smoother now
  • The error message shown to viewers when there is an unexpected error can now be modified from the project settings page
  • Embed HTML element supports hiding the close button. This can be enabled by selecting the Fullscreen without close mode option
  • E-commerce plugin UX improvements
  • All toasters replaced throughout the editor and use the newer styling.
  • Error message shown when there is an unexpected error can be modified from the project settings page
  • Popup element now supports up to 480 characters in the description
  • Subheading for popup element now supports newline characters

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Hover events fixed
  • Fixed, take screenshot connection on scene
  • Fixed, leaderboard generation for social and editor authentication methods
  • Fixed, language variable connection not getting fired
  • In Analytics, rules log shows viewer uid correctly
  • Viewer group dropdown on deployments page shows viewer groups correctly
  • Autoresize fixes for view mode images
  • 3D Model animation will now get listed on the rules dropdown when a relevant element is selected in the then action
  • Variables can now be deleted from the variables screen
  • Iframes now run correctly inside iOS devices
  • Fixed issues related to storage, IDB on a few devices
  • Preview links can be refreshed without login error
  • Duplicated elements can now be renamed.
  • Quiz element background works in all scenarios.
  • Multiple instruction elements in the same scene work as expected.
  • Fixed language selection UX. By default, there will be no language selected.
  • Fast changes getting lost on the editor.
  • Editor conflict handling is more robust now.
  • Images not showing up in popup element.
  • Quiz element emits correct events on score change.
  • Unable to invite a user if already invited by another organization.
  • Fixed GMetri pano and drew pano imports.
  • Text fixes on file manager.
  • All socket errors removed from the viewer links.
  • Fixed inability to rename deployments in case of name clashes.
  • Switching invited users between admin and member.
  • Dragging behavior fixed on file manager.
  • Fixed rules preview and alignment.
  • Editor getting stuck when selecting video element.

…and many more :slight_smile:

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