Suggestions and Feedback

Here are few suggestions that can improve the user experience :

Please add a better file manager, in which we can select multiple files, to copy/move/delete the existing files.

Idealy, when no file is selected, then the “Select” button should unable us to select multiple files by enabling check-boxes over each file so we perform copy/move/delete in a bulk, but it did nothing. Please fix this.
I think this “Folder Icon” is suppose to take us to the file manager, but it is just a button for now with no functionality. Please make this button functional.

Hey Dheeraj,

Really value your feedback. Thanks for delving so deep into the insider version of the platform and finding out these issues :slight_smile:

These are all problems that will be solved in the next few weeks. The file manager that your mentioned is going to replaced with a brand new much faster version soon (with all the features you mentioned). The folder icon is a placeholder for the same in the meantime.

Happy Diwali :diya_lamp: :diya_lamp: :diya_lamp:


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