Some of the Issue in v5

I know, v5 is in Beta now, but still felt like reporting these so these can be fixed in the next beta version or in the Final version. Below are few of the issue that I have faced in the recent days:

  1. Pop-ups element: Many times the image does not appear when pop up is opened, one the text is visible and complete white space on the place of image. Have to close and re-open it to see the image.

  2. When click on any button to move to the next scene, the next scene loads looking downwards at around 15 degree, we have to Reset the Screen to get it to look straight. (No problem with rotation locked scenes)

  3. Images in the Embed code are not visible in v5, but they are visible and working as expected in v4.

  4. Product Cart: Add to Cart button is not working. When clicking on it, the experience crashes and white screen comes up. Have to restart the whole experience.

  5. Polygons: Same colored polygons looks different in v5, but looks same in v4. I think this might be related to lighting in the scene or the distance/position of the elements.

  1. When viewing the experience through view/preview link, the Scene’s Pitch correction value is getting ignored. Yaw correction is working fine.