Scene is not loading, stucked at 72%!

The second scene in this experience is not loading. I can use the Menu to go to the third scene but the second one not loading, initially it was freezing at 76% and now it won’t go beyond 72%.

Here’s the view link :

Below are the screenshots :

Hi Dheeraj,

A fix for this is already out. This happens when there is an empty Text-to-Speech element in one of the scenes.

Please verify this on your end.


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I have recreated the same scene and it is working.
Thanks for the solution btw. :v:

Hi Dheeraj,

I have checked your link, its impressive. Could you please elaborate more on how did you achieve this. Which component used for start overview and end. Can you please provide pointers on how to build? I did not find any component which does this with free tier license of gmetri. Please enlighten us with the implementation

Hi. I have used Images, Text, Text to Speech and Polygons in this experience. All of these are also available in the Free Tier Version. You can use the GMetri Assets Library, which have many free to use pano images, 2D images, audios, 2D videos, pano videos, 3D ojbects, etc.
Go through the tutorials, available at and explore each element of it. These tutorials are very helpful.
If you got any issue, feel free to post it here in the community. The Moderator are very helpful here.