Requesting some new features

Below are some features that I think will make GMetri easier to use and visually more attractive.

  1. The ability to change paragraphs in the description of the Pop-Up element.
    In this SS, I have changed the paragraph after one sentence,

    but when the Pop-Up opens, it just discards any empty space and makes it a single paragraph.

  2. Standalone PLAY feature for audios/videos.
    We have “play/resume”, “play/seek to”, and "toggle play/pause, to Play the audio/video,

    we want a standalone “play” action like we have “pause”, this is very helpful is some cases.

  3. Can we have an option to group different elements and turn Billboarding ON in the group, so that those elements will always face the screen also while maintaining the same alignment with other elements of the group. Resulting in behaving like a single object in space rather than multiple objects.

  4. Can we have some kind of tutorial videos after every major update about the new features like Orbit Scene and Light element.

Thank You.

Hi Dheeraj, thanks for the valuable feedback.

Everything you mentioned is either under consideration or is being worked on. You should start seeing these improvements soon!

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