Quiz Element Events

Hi All, I am looking for a way like based on the quiz element result (pass/fail) want to perform some action.
For example If the user succeeds in the quiz ,will be shown a message like “Quiz Completed”
or If fails to complete the quiz then a message like “Retake Quiz” will be displayed.

(or) Is there a way to access the Quiz element score points globally and based on that score points declare the result kind of option.

Is there a way to achieve these things ???

Hi Likhita,
You can store the result of the quiz by adding a simple rule.
First, you will need a “number variable”, let’s say the variable name is “quiz-score”, then add a rule like:
“(when) Quiz ends, (then) quiz-score (should) capture value”.

This would allow the result to be stored in the variable.
Then you can add rules to match values in the “quiz-score” variable.
“(when) score is = 10, (then) success-image (should) appear”.
“(when) score is = 0, (then) fail-image (should) appear”.

Hi Amit, Thanks for the response🙂
I would like to know that in the default quiz element is there any way to know that for how many questions the user correctly answered or like wrongly answered (5/10 questions correctly answered) kind of scenario.
Is this way possible?

We don’t support this as of now. I have logged this and will take it up after an internal discussion on its priority. Will keep you posted.

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