JHU: Video pause timing error, music not loading after first scene and issues in embedding experience link

Hello. I’ve changed the resolution of all my scenes to 3840x1920 after having resolution issues across multiple platforms. I now have a few remaining challenges…

  • Multiple CONTINUES and DRAG TO LOOK AROUNDs are appearing in scenes unnecessarily.

  • Music that should be started at the beginning of a scene sometimes is not present.


Hey Groit73,

After speaking with you over chat, these were the issues we saw you were facing:

a) wrong timings for stating/pausing media
The resolution for this was to correct the timings where the videos were pausing and also to pause the timers for the autoplay on clicking the continue buttons.

b) Music not playing after the first scene
We are trying to replicate this and will post an update as soon as we do!

In the meantime, if you face any other issues please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks so much with your help Sharan.

A new issue has come up. I sent the embed code to the web team at Hopkins so they could include the RFV site on the Hopkins Suffrage site and they ran into an issue. I’m copying the details below… Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll forward it to the Gmetri team and see if they have a solution.

Alternatively, maybe we just post the walkthrough video that was featured on the Parkway’s site and include the link. Bess, your thoughts?

We gave this a shot but there are a couple issues. Tim (our developer) had to input this because the site was trying to block the javascript, but additionally, that src link isn’t loading, even when it’s not on the site.

We normally avoid using iframes whenever we can. Basically, while we have no issue including videos on the site, I think including the entire VR experience is just too much. If we just include a section or a link instead, it will function better.

If we do that, where would you prefer to include it? On the same page as the suffrage map?

Try this and let me know how it works, thanks.





<div class="embed_iframe_container gmetri-embed-pasctf-rally_for_votes_v6"
style="width: 560px; height: 315px; position: relative; overflow: hidden;">

Hey @Griot73,

Thank you for posting the issue. We noticed that you had included your experience link and also a couple of email addresses in your post. To maintain your privacy, we have removed the experience link and also all the email addresses from it.

Our embed snippet from the deployment card may not work on pages that block javascript. As a workaround for this, do the following.

  • Replace the src above with your experience link.
  • You can adjust height, width according to your needs.

A working example of this can be found in the Showcase section of this community.

The problem with iframes is that the whole experience will load as your page loads, causing the main page to slow down a bit. The advantage of using the embed code from the deployment card is that we get around this problem by showing a very lightweight HTML UI, and when the user clicks on it, we load the actual experience.

Alternatively, you may choose to keep a link to your experience on the main page instead to prevent it from slowing down.

We hope this helps.
If you face any other issues please don’t hesitate to ask.