Create scenes in your XR experience

Here is how to create scene controls, switch between different scenes, and add new scenes in your experience.

  • Within the editor, by default, there is a scene already created. To add more scenes or switch between multiple scenes, click on the structure tab on the top right.

  • To let the end-user navigate from one scene to the other, you can add a button on scene 1 and link it to scene 2.

  • Add the button by clicking on the top right “+”.

  • To link the button to scene 2, click on the connection button present on the bottom middle section of the editor.

  • Select:
    When: button
    Event: is clicked
    Then: Scene 1
    Should: change to scene
    Scene name: scene 2

  • Click on top corner close.

Check how to add scenes and switch between different scenes in this video:

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