Bugs or Glitches, I not sure!

There are some issues that I have faced since this Monday:

  1. When you open a Preview Link, and if you you refresh the page, it is showing the Login Error!

2.When clicking Back in the editor, it took us to the My Experiences Page. previously it use to take us to the Selected Experience Home Page, where you can Rename, Deploy, manage Collaborators, see analytics, etc. This was simple but now we have to open the editor to access the above mentions features. Also sometime the Experience names are quite long, which are not fully visible in the My Experience page, previously you can see the full name when clicks on the experience, but now it just take you directly to the Editor.

  1. With the New Version, when you make fast changes in multiple elements/rules and quickly moves to other element/rule, some of the changes are not saving. I tried this multiple times in different experience. Only the last change that you have made will be saved, and few changes which are made just before the last change will not be saved.

  2. Recently, I was trying to delete some of the variables which I have created earlier and are no longer required in the experience, when I delete them, they disappear(as expected), but when refreshes the Page of Re-open the same experience, those deleted variables comes back. It’s like they don’t wanna leave me. I am talking about the Custom Local Variables.

  3. After the recent update, the Editor tends to stuck for 5-10 seconds when selecting a video element and clicking on the Properties of it. This only took place when there is a video attached to the element, not with the empty video element.

Hi Dheeraj,

  1. This is a change that was necessary a few storage access issues faced in Apple devices. We no longer use any local storage for storing user details. This means - the preview links are use and throw - i.e. once you click on the preview link, it cannot be refreshed. We will make the messaging clearer so as not to cause any confusion, soon.
  2. Collaborators can now be set using the left bar’s setting button.
    Screenshot from 2021-01-15 13-47-17
    3, 4, 5 Thanks for pointing these out! Will check these.
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Addition in Point 4 : Till now I was thinking that these are the old Variables that I have created using the Previous version Which are resisting the deletion but just came to know that, even the variable which I am creating now(in the new Version) are also behaving in the same way.

Hey Dheeraj,

Point 3 is being investigated.
Point 4 should be resolved now.
Point 5 is being worked upon - we should have a fix out soon.

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Hi Dheeraj,

Points 4 and 5 were also resolved a while back (released more than a week back).

We weren’t able to replicate point 3 recently - so am assuming this was fixed as a side-effect of one of the many optimizations made in the last two weeks.

However, in case you do face something like that again please write back!

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